• 2020.04

    Meizhou Story 梅州の故事
    Meizhou story

    梅州 | Meizhou


The project is situated on a gentle slope with commanding views and a private lakeshore. After the design transformation, the interior space is able to form a full visual contact with the outdoors. The free vacation lifestyle, away from the crowds, has been returned to the users of the house.


The third floor is the living space, including the entrance hallway, living room and dining room. It adopts the circular moving line layout to improve the convenience of moving around the space.


Four glass sliding doors are used to partition the kitchen on one side. The glass doors are fully open to expand the open living space. The window bar in the restaurant is the best indoor viewing position. The children's room on the fourth floor is connected to the double-height living room to create vertical spatial interaction.


The project expanded the northeast side of the first and second floors of the house. After the renovation, suites and atrium wells were added to the northeast side. The first and second floors of the residence are mainly bedrooms, tea rooms and audio-visual rooms. The atrium allows residents to feel the natural landscape in the tea rooms and aisles, and can be decorated with the changes of the seasons to create a holiday atmosphere. While borrowing the lush scenery of the atrium, it opens up the sight of the public area.